What is price differentiation and why?

Since January 2014, we have introduced different prices for cuts. We get asked regularly what the difference is between a Junior Stylist, Stylist and a Top Stylist.
Junior Stylists are graduate hairdressers who have recently joined our team. These hairdressers have the necessary skills but don't work 100% autonomously. Junior stylists are not apprentices or interns!
Stylists are hairdressers who work completely independently and can help you with the necessary expertise.
Top Stylists are people who are distinguished by their long experience and exceptional skills as a Wakko hairdresser.
Our hairdressers all receive wages for work, hence we charge a different rate for each category.


Cut (4 tariffs: junior hairdresser I stylist I topstylist I Peter Platel)

Ladies' 35,50 I 40,50 I 45,50 I 75,00

Men's 27,50 I 32,50 I 37,50 I 50,00

Hand Drying from 8,00

Blow Dry from 16,00



Color 45g from 47,25



Loose / Spatula from 44,25

Creative from 72,00

Foils from 72,00


Do's/chignons from 28,00


Price list valid from January 3, 2018.

To avoid suprises, don’t hesitate to ask for a detailed quote!

Prices are determined by the quantity of product needed, the complexity of the job and the time needed.